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Trey Johnson of Tulsa Band & Guitars

Trey Johnson of Tulsa Band & Guitars

September 21, 2021

episode 80 is here! We chat with Trey Johnson, the owner of Tulsa Band and Guitars in Tulsa, OK. 

We talk about him going from employee to owner to surviving these last few years as an independent music store.  We also talk about creating music and even his time as a college mascot, which brings Brian to remember when his car got trashed in Tulsa in the early 2000's


Find out more about Tulsa Band Here: https://www.tulsaband.com 

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The NAMM Show Moves to Summer, Gold Foils and & Pricing Changes

The NAMM Show Moves to Summer, Gold Foils and & Pricing Changes

September 9, 2021

Episode 79 is Jam packed with topics.

We cover the news of the week about the NAMM show moving to next summer. Is that a good thing, or a sign of challenging times in the industry? Will Porter be attending the next show? 


We also run through some design concepts and tones of our new Gold Foils which are releasing soon!


We end the show with a discussion on price increases and the reasons we implemented a small one recently. 


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Our Favorite Guitars To Mod

Our Favorite Guitars To Mod

September 2, 2021

In episode 78, Marco rejoins the show and we catch everyone up on his new roles at Porter. We also talk through some exciting news about the Porter Custom shop. 

In our main topic, we talk through our favorite guitars to mod. we each share three guitars we enjoy overhauling and what we love about them. 


See more about the custom shop here: https://www.porterpickups.com/custom-shop/

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Mike Delaney of Delaney Guitars

Mike Delaney of Delaney Guitars

August 31, 2021

In episode 77 Mike from Delaney Guitars joins us for a wide ranging episode of fun guitar topics. We cover everything from what he's been doing to survive running a guitar business for the last year to tone wood resonance, what makes a good guitar and what woods smell like feet and cat pee when you sand them

Check out Delaney Guitars here: https://www.delaneyguitars.com 

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Nick Scout of Scout Guitars

Nick Scout of Scout Guitars

August 6, 2021

Nick Scout from Scout Guitars in Orlando Florida joins the tone cast to talk about his business.

We cover everything from his time as guitar tech for the Blue Man Group, to how he got started in the industry at a banjo factory. We also get his thoughts on what makes a good guitar, the craziest repair he's ever done and where he sees the music industry going from here. 


Find more about scout guitars here: http://www.scoutguitars.com/


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Can The Guitar Industry Keep This Up?

Can The Guitar Industry Keep This Up?

July 29, 2021

In episode 75 we discuss some concerning trends in the guitar industry. After a busy year of guitar sales where are we headed next?

Are the wheels coming off? What are we as a business facing and the industry as a whole dealing with currently?

Are delays, supplier price increases and cost of living going to hamper doing business going forward?

Brian Porter shares a few concerning things as we navigate the seas of business for Porter. 

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Endorse me Bro! Navigating endorsement and influencer requests

Endorse me Bro! Navigating endorsement and influencer requests

June 9, 2021

In episode 74, we talk though a topic that we have to deal with weekly. What do we do about endorsements and influencer requests? It's a subject we have different thoughts and good and bad experiences with. We attempt to walk through it from the manufacturers perspective while acknowledging we have not fully landed on a position. 

Have a suggestion or know of a company that handles it really well? email us your thoughts at info@porterpickups.com to be featured on a future show. 


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A Porter Shop Update!

A Porter Shop Update!

May 19, 2021

in episode 73, Brian Porter discusses some changes with Porter this year and how we've survived the last year with a crazy music industry with some rapid fire updates. 


We also cover some "Less is more" topics from pausing Porter Guitars to getting rid of or thinning down some social media to remain focused on the tasks we have to accomplish as a business. 


We reference a recent video where we install for WRH humbuckers in a 335 Style guitar. Check that out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxrVEkAwRRQ 

2020 From the Music Venue Perspective

2020 From the Music Venue Perspective

December 3, 2020

In tone-cast 72, we're talking with McQ Olsen from ExtraMile Arena about music venue dynamics in this strange year. He talked about his experience working in the venue for 20+ years in all types of roles and how they have had to get creative to adapt to cancelations, rescheduling and safety. 


We're all rooting for the live music scene to come back and we particularly enjoyed this conversation from the type of places that it happens. 


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Why we’re hopeful for the music industry

Why we’re hopeful for the music industry

November 11, 2020

In episode 71, we talk about the ways we're hopeful our industry will pull through this. From more people modding guitars, to getting creative and resiliency shining through, the music industry will continue to work hard and adapt to the very real challenges we face. 



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